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    Hello! I'm Karishma Changlani

    I have been fascinated with technology ever since I was sixteen. Currently, I live in Ontario as a Senior Software Engineer. I have a Bachelor's and Master's of Science in Computer Science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence and Data Structure.

  • Experiences

    "Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be."

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    Dell Boomi, Chesterbrook PA — Senior Software Engineer

    July 2018-Present

    • Improved UI performance by 10% by reducing unnecessary UI calls
    • Reduced build time of the entire application by 13%
    • Designed a new paradigm for Async APIs for our RESTful application
    • Instrumented New Relic to improve API logging for production monitoring
    • Worked as a Security Champion to help the team overcome security issues through Snyk
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    EGS, Philadelphia PA (Drexel University)— Mobile Developer

    April 2017 - November 2017

    • Created an Android app called War of the World's Philadelphia from scratch
    • Improved the user experience by incorporating synths and recordings created by a local artist into the application 
    • Provided an immersive experience by using GPS and body sensors like Gyroscope and Accelerometer 
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    SIG, Bala Cynwyd PA — Database Manager

    September 2015 - March 2016

    • Designed PL/SQL scripts that maintain the integrity of data between tables and databases.
    • Developed python and K shell scripts to generate overnight comparison reports and send alerts.
    • Created tests for code written by fellow teammates
  • Personal Coding Projects

    Personal ideas I dabbled in outside of my work experience.

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    CO2 Forecasting Model

    Created a forcasting model using Historical carbon-dioxide data

    A forecasting regression model that predicts carbon-dioxide emitions for countries based on past data, land use, and demographics using Python sci-kit learn.

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    Accessibility project for users with dyslexia

    A chrome plugin based on a peer-reviewed study indicating certain fonts is better suited to reading comprehension for individuals with dyslexia combined with an image to text software to enhance web accessibility.

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    Smart Atom

    Creating a smart alerting system

    createscustomersAn independent project where we tried to leverage Amazon Sagemaker to create a machine learning algorithm that learns the system's behavior and create an alerting system for customer's when their JVM (atom) was using too many resources, throwing unexpected warnings, etc.

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    Making Screen readers more convenient for visually impaired web users

    2016 Accessibility Project where we designed a speech-reader Bluetooth module that uses existing screen reader technology integrated with an Adruino device to create a more smooth web browsing for visually impaired users.

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